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Know yourself, trust yourself, understand others, and take meaningful action. These are the keys to living an awesome life. Being awesome isn’t a far-off unreachable goal, it’s just a whole bunch of small steps strung end-to-end. 52 missions, 52 baby steps, 52 weeks… end result: awesome. 

Why not make today Week #1?

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Get things done without forcing yourself to do them!

Peaceful Productivity will help you find time to do what’s most important to you. You’ll be able to find peace when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and finally stop being so hard on yourself for not being able to “just do it.”

Yes, productivity can be peaceful!

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Make your life an adventure, not a struggle!

This short, powerful introductory course teaches you tried and true techniques for listening to your heart and finding your calling.

Never second-guess yourself again!

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