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Do you want to live a wholehearted, unconventional life?

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What does it mean to live a wild, crazy, meaningful life?

How can you find the clarity to listen to your heart, and the courage to follow it?

Does it mean you’ll have to leave comfort and safety behind?

Will your loved ones be able to come with you?

If you’re curious about any of these questions, this is the podcast for you.

Hello, friend. We’re Pace and Kyeli, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. We choose to live a wild, crazy, meaningful life, and we’re here to help you do the same.

What does “wild crazy meaningful” look like?

We sold 95% of our possessions, and moved out of our house and into an RV.

When RV life no longer felt right to our hearts, we sold the rig and moved to Portland.

We have a wedding every few years so we can choose each other wholeheartedly, for who we are now instead who we used to be.

I (Pace) quit my day job to do what I love for a living. (I’m a Pathfinding Coach.)

I (Kyeli) remain steadfastly courageous and adventurous in the face of many major heartbreaks, including losing the use of my legs.

  • Wild? Yes, if by wild you mean free.
  • Crazy? Sure. Because “crazy” is what others call you when you’re brave enough to follow your heart.
  • Meaningful? HELL YES! There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing you’re on your path.

We publish a new episode every Thursday morning, so give us a listen and come along on our wild, crazy, meaningful journey!

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