Here you can find images, sample blurbs, and sample tweets for you to copy-n-paste or use as inspiration to promote Warm and Businesslike.

You can also click here for images, sample blurbs, and sample tweets for you to copy-n-paste or use as inspiration to promote the other freebie, the One Perfect Dollar free teleclass.

Either or both are great to promote – whichever you think your audience will be more into.


Sample Blurb

Pace Smith has written a manifesto about one of the biggest obstacles stopping would-be entrepreneurs from getting started: the fear of becoming sleazy. It’s called “Warm and Businesslike,” and you can download your free copy here:

Sample Tweets

If you think that doing business means you have to be cold or slimy, prepare to have your mind/heart blown.

Are you afraid to start your own business because you’re afraid of becoming sleazy? If so, read this:

Are you afraid to make money because you’re afraid you’ll have to sell out? If so, read this:

Why does “businesslike” mean cold-hearted? How about we change that? Read this manifesto “Warm and Businesslike”

Do you believe you can make money in a way that’s 100% aligned with your heart? Here’s a good read on the topic:

There are a lot of businesspeople who are cold-hearted and greedy. It’s time to change that, and here’s a good start:

My friend @PaceSmith shares powerful words about bringing love into the world of business. Get her manifesto here:

Finally, the truth about warm-hearted people who fall under the corrupting influence of money and business:

Can you be warm and businesslike? YES. Let @PaceSmith show you how:

What’s stopping you from getting started? @PaceSmith tackles one of the biggest obstacles would-be entrepreneurs face

I love the way @pacesmith thinks. She’s changing paradigms with “Warm and Businesslike”

Anyone interested in seeing capitalism survive has got to start thinking in win-win terms, as the current model is not sustainable.

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