200 Nipples!

WOOT! I just bought Marty another birthday present: a super-awesome shirt from 200 Nipples! (Shh! Don’t tell him! He doesn’t read the internet.) And get this: I bought it for two frickin’ dollars! The $2 box was yellow, but I refreshed the instance it expired, and snagged it before anyone else could! It was really exciting!

I really love 200 Nipples. They’re a great example of excellent marketing and excellent business practices. They’re friendly and fun — check out their FAQ, it’s hilarious! They have a great concept, they market it amazingly well, their product is of high quality, and their execution is flawless. Their customer service is also excellent; they offer a money-back guarantee, and they respond to emails very promptly.

It’s amazing what three clever entrepreneurs can do. I’d love to patronize more businesses like 200 Nipples!

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