30-day blog-o-thon: Day 1: Launch!

Steve Pavlina, one of our favorite personal development bloggers, posted a cool offer last week. In return for blogging a review of his upcoming book, he’ll link to our review on our blog. That would be great, and would get our blog a lot of new traffic!

Here’s the catch. One of Steve’s criteria was: “Your publication has a non-embarrassing level of traffic or readership… For example, your website has an Alexa.com ranking of 1,000,000 or better… I just need some way of verifying that your publication is more than a ghost town.”

“Oh no!” we thought. “Our blogs are scattered to the four winds, and all of them are ghost towns! And our new awesome mega-blog doesn’t even exist yet!” (Because this was a week ago, you see.) But did we let that stop us? NO! We wrote Steve the following email:

> Hi!  My name is Pace Smith.  My wife Kyeli and I really admire
> you and Erin, and we aspire to similar awesomeness.
> Currently we have three blogs: http://connectionparadigm.net,
> http://pacesmith.wordpress.com, and http://kyeli.wordpress.com.
> We're about to merge them all into one blog at the newly-
> registered https://pacesmith.com, but we haven't done so yet.
> Our blogs are currently ghost towns.  pacesmith.wordpress.com
> has a traffic rank of: 5,355,272.
> However, we promise that by October 15th, our new blog will not
> be a ghost town.  We assure you that it will be in the top
> million at least.
> If you wish to take a chance on two passionate and dedicated
> bloggers who are just now kicking it into gear, our mailing
> address is:
> [redacted]
> If not, we completely respect that and we'll be happy to buy a
> copy and review it anyway. (:
> With love,
> Pace & Kyeli

And he said yes!!!!!!

Steve Pavlina believes in us! Is there anything we can’t do?!

So now begins the 30-day PaceAndKyeli.com blog-o-thon! We intend to keep our promise to Steve, and to do so, we’ll need your help! We don’t want to spam anyone, annoy anyone, or do any interruption marketing. All we want is to get readers and subscribers who are interested in what we have to say.

If you want to help us, here’s what you can do.

  1. Subscribe to our RSS feed.
  2. Talk about PaceAndKyeli.com. Tell your friends about the kinds of things we post about (communication, self-improvement, ethical entrepreneurship, and the connection paradigm) so they can visit the site if they’re interested. Again, we don’t want any spam on our behalf, but we do want to share this information with interested people.
  3. Link to posts on PaceAndKyeli.com, if you feel they’re worth talking about.
  4. Download the Alexa Toolbar (if you don’t find it annoying). This will help Alexa get accurate information on our site’s traffic.

Thank you, friends, for supporting us and for supporting the Usual Error Project. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you, and we intend to go much, much farther. (:

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