50 Ways to Leave Your Karma

In this video interview with Eric Klein, we talk about how his free e-book 50 Ways to Leave Your Karma changes the world. It’s kind of like 52 Weeks to Awesome but with a more “52 Weeks to Enlightenment” flavor.

Two thumbs up from me! *thumb* *thumb*

If you prefer audio, here’s an MP3 for you.


  • What’s your purpose in life, Eric?
  • What is karma and why does it matter?
  • There’s a spectrum from “comfortable apathy” to “crush anything that gets in your way”. What’s the middle ground?
  • “effective spirituality”
  • Tell me a story about how this e-book has changed someone’s life, and how it can help change the world.
  • Why are you giving it away for free?

Read it, enjoy it, live it, share it!

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