A conversation with Jen Louden about comfort, shadow comfort, and peace

Jennifer Louden has taught a lot about comfort, savoring, and serving. So I (Pace) wanted to talk to her about The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur.

In this conversation, Jen and I talk about:

  • All the people saying “crush it” and “kick your own ass”, and what effect that has on would-be entrepreneurs.
  • Being an empowering teacher without being an annoying authority: The middle ground between “You must do it my way” and “You could do it whatever way you want.”
  • The difference between true comfort and shadow comfort.
  • Why Jen is no longer the Comfort Queen
  • Is there ever a time when it’s appropriate to force yourself to do something?
  • Pace and Kyeli’s vow of peacefulness
  • The importance of choosing a path wholeheartedly
  • Accepting the consequences of your choices. If I choose the peaceful path, others may rocket past me to their version of success, but I will not burn out.

Click here to listen now, or right-click and select “Save as…” to save it as an MP3 that you can listen to later. Our conversation is about 40 minutes long.

Jen gave me a new perspective on comfort and peace. I hope this conversation changes you, too.

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