Creating your kick-ass dream life

I had a conversation with Leah Shapiro of Defy The Box about what we call “being awesome” and what Leah calls “creating your kick-ass dream life”.

We talk about the differences and similarities between Defy The Box and the Freak Revolution, moving away from vs. moving toward, and the common obstacles between people and their dreams.

Click here to listen, or right-click and select “Save as…” to download it.

(I didn’t audio edit this one, because my eyes are bleeding from audio editing 8 hours of Engaging eCourses interviews. Please excuse the occasional “um” or long pause.)

An excerpt:

Imagine you live in the woods, and you live in a really crappy cottage. You know that somewhere in the woods there’s an awesome hut, but you don’t know exactly where it is. A crazy old man comes up to you and offers you one of two compasses. One of them will always point away from the crappy cottage. The other will always point toward the awesome hut. Which compass do you choose?

Leah is doing a free call on this topic on October 19th. Here’s the link if you want to get in on that. (:

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