a snarky comment that I actually agree with


Recently, someone made a presumably snarky comment about my eBook The 11 Most Dangerous Myths about Finding Your Path. She said:

“Myth: That there is such a thing as a path!”

The funny thing is, I actually agree with her! This is exactly what I was trying to say in the ebook when I wrote:

Myth #8: Knowing my path is like having a map of the rest of my life.

A path in the physical world is a trail, a road. It connects one place to another, many people can walk on it, and it stays put. You can see whether the surface is rough or smooth. You can look at a map to see how long the path is, and to see all of its twists and turns.

With your life’s path – your calling, your purpose – you don’t get a map.

Truth #8: You don’t get a map, but you do get a compass.

It’s okay to not know what’s around the next bend.

You can’t know, because you’re creating your path with each step. You’re not following a well-trodden path with clear instructions. There’s no one ahead of you blazing your trail, no one you can simply follow behind.

You create your path with each step you take. It only becomes clear when you look behind you.

Your path is nothing more – and nothing less – than a series of steps. That’s why it’s so important to choose each step wisely.

So where’s my compass?

Your compass is in your heart.

It’s possible to know what the next step is. It’s possible to take that step wholeheartedly, with no regrets, without second-guessing yourself.

It takes some effort to clean off the glass to see your compass clearly. It takes some knowledge to learn how to calibrate it. And it takes some practice to learn how to read it.


That’s what you’ll learn and practice in Week 2 of Choose Wisely – how to access your heart’s compass.

I struggled for so long before I was able to access my heart’s compass. I wasted a lot of time and a lot of money, and I was stressed out most of the time. Now I feel peaceful and wholehearted most of the time, and I’m super excited to teach what I’ve learned to you!

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Do you wish you could follow your heart, but it seems impossible? I can help you find the clarity and courage you need.

In other words, I can help you find your path.