A year without (the rest of the tale of the book buying ban)

After I decided to stop acquiring books for a full year, I took a deep breath. I felt so clear and calm.

And then I turned my eye to the rest of my stuff. My jewelry box, cluttered with earrings and necklaces and rings I never don. The shoe rack, covered with shoes I never wear. Our square-square, full of things I never use. My closet, bursting with clothes I never touch.

I felt a radical shiver run down my spine.

What if I went twelve full months without buying anything new?

What would it be like, to go a full year without accumulating new things? What would I do with my money instead? Would I start to use my existing things more often, or would they still sit around and gather dust? How would it feel? How would I feel?

My default activity is currently shopping. If Pace needs some time alone, I go out and shop. What would I do if I put a ban on buying things? How could I fill my time, if not with the wandering accumulation of new things? I often engage in retail therapy when I’m unhappy – what other ways to sooth myself could I find, if I chose to stop buying new things?

The possibilities are endlessly exciting.

A full year with more awareness on my current belongings. A full year of weighing the feeling of need to see if it is need – or if it’s merely want. And then, deciding whether or not to honor the wanting instead of acting by default. An entire year of fully enjoying what I do have, instead of focusing on what I don’t.

At first, I felt like it would be a year without.

But maybe it would be the first year in my life fully and completely with.

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