Aaand we’re back!

Pace and I are home sweet home. We had an amazing whirlwind honeymoon-turned-adventure romp through the Emerald Isle, 14 days of fun in the… cold wet wind. We loved nearly every moment of it, even the times with mortal peril and grueling physical challenge.

There were far more times with mortal peril and grueling physical challenge than we expected, and that’s no mistake.

I have several posts brewing on the lessons I learned and the ways I changed. There’s a lot. More than I imagined – after all, this was a honeymoon, not a vacation or a work trip! Funny how life decides and we think we get to pick, but really we’re just along for the ride.

I’m taking advantage of this moment, this calm before the storm, to again rain thanks and gratitude upon our incredibly awesome guest posters. You guys kept our blog alive while we were doing good to keep ourselves alive, and we really appreciate it. I was able to sleep far better knowing the blog was being enriched by the likes of you.

Megan Morris with Sink the Boat!

Marissa Bracke with An Ode to My Creative Spark: A Love Letter in Five Parts.

Nathalie Lussier with How to Live the Life of an Outsider and Enjoy It!

Victoria Brouhard with On Picking Your Friends.

Johnny B. Truant with How I’m learning to break the rules.

Bob Poole with Happy New Year!

Hayden Tompkins with Here There Be Awesome.

Leah Shapiro with Where the Juicy Goodness Lies.

And last but not least, Rudi Whitmore with Kindness goes to the dogs.

My heart glows with warmth and connection, knowing that these people are more than just my peers and co-workers (of a sort), but also my friends.

I hope you all enjoyed their posts – I sure did! – and we’re back in town and back on the blog. Woo!

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