Trembling with anticipation, my fingers manage on the third attempt to get the tiny key in the lock. There, under the unimportant leaflets vying for my attention is the small white square I so fervently hoped to find – a package awaits me in the office.

Detoxing has taken a lot from me; I am weak and tired, and the day is hot. The sun beats on my skin like hot metal hammers. Even so, I make the walk, going the long route to avoid as much of the sun’s rays as possible. Steps match my heartbeat, both filled with hope and happy nerves.

A new face in the office greets me, slowing my quest. I’m not permitted to rifle through the packages to find mine; she takes the slip from me and makes slow work of what I could do so quickly. Twice, with increasing impatience, I must remind her of my name; finally, I crouch down and point to the one on top with my name bold on the label.

She hands it to me. I instinctively wrap my hand around it and put it to my heart. She makes pleasantries with me and I go through the motions, but my mind is noting the size of the box – perfect for a CD. It is, it’s here, I’m holding it in my hand.

A moment later, outside, walking again toward home. I run my key through the tape and release the contents of the box. Her face on the cover, trees and birds and water and her gorgeous face, and time slows to give me ample chance to savor the moment.

I move slowly, remove the CD from the box, running my fingers over the plastic. I had no idea at the start of the year that she was producing another CD this year, no clue that I would have her lyrics to guide me through this turbulence and sharp rapid change. My heart soars with this gift from my soul sister, knowing that her songs, her music, her words are here in my hands, a moment’s stop from my heart.

Every set has been a gift, every CD finds me in similar places with similar feelings. What this one will bring, I can only imagine. Tears spill down my face as my heart fills with the knowledge that this will be our greatest journey yet.

A gift from the universe with perfect timing for this month of emptying, now I have music to further guide my soul to the places from which I will refill.

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