An update on the Book-Buying Ban

It’s June!

I’m half-way through my Book-Buying Ban!

I’m really happy about it. I still get a lot of “how could you do this?” and “have you gone insane?” from people when I talk about it. And I guess the answers are “easily and happily” and “yes”. I do feel a little insane.

But I’ve saved enough money to do something big – like get that new tattoo I’ve been dreaming up or go on another cruise with my BFFs. I’ve learned how to be a conscious consumer – and not just with books. I’ve given a lot of thought to spending money, and I’ve spent less in general. I’ve stopped buying earrings (I only wear three of my dozen-plus pair, anyway), I haven’t bought new clothes in a while, and I’ve cut way down on impulse buying (though I totally bought a bird necklace at the Tillamook Cheese Factory – but it was similar to one I’d wanted for months).

And my bar has raised. I’m not reading all the books in my piles – if I start reading one and it doesn’t thrill me, I stop reading it. I’ve given up on a book three chapters in – and on another one three paragraphs in. There are a few I’m not even cracking open; I needed them several months ago, but I’m in a totally different place now.

Life is too short to read books you don’t love.

If I don’t find myself nodding and reaching for a highlighter, or if I’m not filled up, or if I’m not connecting with the characters – I just stop reading. My piles of books are too high to wade through something that doesn’t enrich me in some way.

But really, my life is too full to wade through something that doesn’t enrich me in some way.

More and more, the busier we become, the more important it is to raise our bars. It becomes a vital lesson in self-care, to stop doing things that bring us down and only do things that lift us up.

Our lives are too important – and too short – to do things we don’t love.

As I make progress through my piles of books, I make progress through my issues. I make progress with my heart. I make progress on my journey. And I only want to take those things that enrich me along for the ride.

Who knew that giving up buying new books would be so life-changing?

What can you do that seems small, but will have far-reaching positive consequences for you and your life?

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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