“miracle cure” added to water supply, has 1 side effect but it’s a doozy

The “miracle cure”

A group of well-meaning doctors, seeing people in pain, have added a “miracle cure” to the water supply.

This miracle cure numbs the pain.

As a side effect, it also removes the ability to feel joy.

You’ve been stocking up on pure water from an untainted spring. You’ve begun to drink your clear, pure water instead of the drugged supply, and you’re suffering from withdrawal.

You feel panic, vulnerability, and uncertainty. The miracle cure made you feel like everything was okay, and now you’re doubting yourself.

Is it really worth it?

Everyone looks at you like you’re some kind of crazed survivalist.

“What, the regular water isn’t good enough for you?”

“Are you some kind of conspiracy nut?”

“Why can’t you just be happy with a normal life like everyone else?”

You stand there, paralyzed by doubt. A glass of clear, pure water in one hand, a drugged water fountain in front of you.

It would be so easy to just go back to the way things were…

This “miracle cure” isn’t just a story. It’s happening right now in real life:

  • TV
  • alcohol
  • videogames
  • drugs
  • obsessive work

These opportunities for addictive numbing are so prevalent in our culture that they’re practically in the water supply.

The untainted spring is your own heart.

The untainted spring of your heart

When you were born, you felt pain and joy fully. You expressed your emotions loud and clear.

When you were young, you dreamed that all your dreams might come true.

What happened?

When did you first hide a part of yourself away because you were afraid someone else wouldn’t love or accept the real you?

When did you take your first drink from the drugged water fountain of numbness?

Drinking from the untainted spring

Don’t worry; despite all the anesthesia, your heart is still shining as brightly as it has since the day you were born.

It’s numb right now, but it’s still beating strong, and it’s getting stronger every day you turn away from numbness and choose the pure water from the untainted spring of your heart.

It’s easy to go with the flow. It’s easy to drink the tainted water when it’s so convenient.

It takes a lot of courage to go your own way – especially when no one around you understands or values your choice.

It’s especially hard to do this alone.

Wouldn’t it be easier to follow your heart if you were surrounded by a small group of other Pathfinders who will lift you up and cheer you on?

Couldn’t you use some encouragement and understanding to balance out all those other folks rolling their eyes at you?

You don’t need to be the lone wolf. It’s smart to seek support.

Here is a program that will help you.

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