Engaging eCourses

Remember that survey you helped us out with?

(No, not that oneThe other one; the one we linked to on August 24th.)

You asked to learn how to motivate others to get the results they want.

So we put together a product called Engaging eCourses to do exactly that.  ("We" in this case is me (Pace) and our friend Kelly Kingman.)

You asked to learn how to:

  • keep participants motivated and interested
  • space out the easy and the not-so-easy so that people don't get bogged down
  • organize and present your content
  • inspire people to participate without making them feel nagged
  • develop the seed of an idea into a fully fledged course
  • get people to create change in their lives

and we made sure to cover each of those topics (and more) in depth.

You asked to learn from a bunch of smart and knowledgeable people, and we got 'em. We interviewed:

and asked them to tell us everything they've learned about creating engaging eCourses, or motivation/teaching in general.

You asked us to cover the whole gamut of eCourse formats:

so we did. We also talk about how to figure out what format is right for you.

You asked to pay $97 for this product:

and we're happy to oblige. However, we're putting it on sale for $47 for the next two days.


Because it feels good to be generous.

Because we'll probably make more money this way.

Most importantly, because a half-price sale will help this material reach more people. More people will be able to afford it, and some people who might have otherwise said "I'll think about it and maybe buy it later" will be inspired to buy it now while it's on sale.

That said, we want to inspire you, not whip you into a frenzy of urgency that you’ll later regret. Take a deep breath, click here to find out more, and see whether it feels right for you. If you’d prefer to think it over until tomorrow, you can join our newsletter to get a reminder.

Our #1 goal is to change the world. If you learn these techniques of motivation and engagement, you'll be empowered to create change more effectively. That's the whole point of this revolution — to empower you to change the world.

We hope you'll love it. (:

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