Announcing: Profitable Idealism

I came to entrepreneurship by accident. A friend of mine ran her own business and decided she needed a partner, asked me, and I jumped in. We had no idea what we were in for – we had incredibly differing working styles, dreams, and goals.

She was out to make more money.

I was out to change the world.

Sadly, our story didn’t end well. But that’s because back then, I was jaded and I didn’t believe one could make money while making the world a better place. My ideals collided with her dreams of profit, and the wreckage that resulted was unsalvageable.

After many years, many tears, and a whole lot of learning things the hard way, I know better. Now I know that making more money while changing the world is not only possible, but actually better than doing it any other way.

When you’re out to change the world, you still have needs. I need comfort. I need stability (to some extent). I need a beautiful home and a functional car. I need fancy coffee at least once a week. And I can’t get those things without making money. I used to think I’d have to waste away in a cubicle farm, eking out a pathetic wage while trying to cram in what I love to do in my nearly nonexistent free time. Then, I thought I could do what I love most of the time, if only I cut back on all the things that make me happy and comfortable.

But the reality is, you can’t change the world if you’re unhappy and uncomfortable all the time.

On the other side of the coin, more and more these days, you can’t make more money if you’re not really, honestly helping people.

That’s where Profitable Idealism comes in. People on the profitable side of the coin will learn how changing the world and helping people and being open, honest, and authentic increases profit like wildfire. And people like me, on the idealist side, will learn how to make more money while sticking to their ideals – without compromising anything.

And get this – the more money you make, the better able to change the world you become! Imagine that all your bills are paid. Imagine that, on top of a basic living, all your desires are covered – you get that fancy coffee once a week, you get to travel as often as you like, you get to fill your closet with shoes, whatever your heart desires, you got it. Now imagine that you’ve got even more money on top of that. What’re you going to do with it? Chances are, you’re going to pipe it back into doing what you love – and that’s going to help you change the world, bigger, better, and more effectively.

I’ve been watching Pace and Johnny develop this course for months now, listening in to really intense and exciting conversations. I’ve watched as Pace paced around the room, gesturing wildly to make a point. I’ve heard Johnny’s laugh pipe out of Pace’s earbuds from across the room. I’ve helped edit audio. I helped when they realized they needed a new tagline at the last minute.

And I am extremely excited about it. Not only are Pace and Johnny two of my favorite people, but I need the lessons they’re teaching. The world needs the lessons they’re teaching. So, I’m proud and happy that they’re bringing it to you this week – the two of them really walk their talk, and this is gonna rock your pockets.

See for yourself.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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