Announcing the WCWW2 Scholarship Winners!


We had a fantastically awesome bunch of scholarship applicants this year – and a big one, with over 50 entries!

I pored over them, spent an entire day reading and reviewing each entry. I flailed over them, tears falling at the monumental task of choosing a mere 5 from such a large, wonderful group. It was a very difficult task. It took me 10 hours, all told, to read and mull and, eventually, make the decision.

Every single entry was amazing. I am in awe at the strength, courage, and skill displayed through this contest. I’m grateful to everyone who entered for opening up and sharing themselves with me – many of the entries were deeply personal stories.

Mark Silver once said to me, “Kyeli,” he said, in his sweet, gentle, I’m-about-to-hit-you-with-a-spiritual-mallet voice, “you are not God.” Once I got over the shock, he continued. “You are not put on this earth to help everyone. And it’s egotistical to think you can – in fact, if you can help everyone, you’ll be starting a new religion.”

I breathed that in. And then he continued. “But you are here to help some people. And you’ll know who they are when they come to you.”

Today, I’m here to help five people.

I wish I could help all of you. I wish I were in a position to give 50 scholarships – 100. More. I wish I could give the WCWW2 to every single person who will benefit from it.

But I can’t. I would be dishonoring myself, my work, and my calling. I would not be serving the way I feel called to serve.

So today, I’m helping five people.

Congratulations to Emerald, Marthe, Charlotte, Louise, and Jacquie – our five scholarship winners!

These five lovely ladies earned a full free ride to the WCWW2 – and their posts will be shared on the Connection Revolution blog and here in the newsletter, once the Workshop gets underway.

I hope the rest of you can join us in the Workshop – it’s going to be really fantastic! Registration begins Monday, woo!

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