Behind the Scenes of Choose Wisely: A Tale of Panic, Peace, and Pathfinding

Author’s Note: This is my story of what happened behind the scenes a week and a half ago. The original date for Choose Wisely registration to open, and for the Wild Crazy Meaningful Teleclass, was going to be six days earlier than ended up happening. This is the story of why.

It’s Tuesday morning, February 25th. Launch Day is only two days away. I’m about to open registration for my new course Choose Wisely, I’m about to teach a Wild Crazy Meaningful Teleclass – everything is going according to plan. I’m putting the finishing touches on the registration process, and…


Nothing is working! My membership plugin is broken! I can accept people’s money, but I can’t give them anything in return. Not the best business model!

What do I do? What do I do? I can try to fix it, but what if my fix doesn’t work? If I need to reschedule registration and reschedule the teleclass, I want to give people some advance notice. I don’t want to cancel at the last minute! What if people canceled appointments to make time for the teleclass, and I reschedule it for no good reason? Everyone will think I’m an unreliable flake, and no one will sign up for my course!

Let’s pause panicked past-Pace for a few, and fast-forward to the future.

In retrospect, I see that I was practicing what I was about to preach – or teach. I’ve got to pass my final exam in Choosing Wisely before I teach it to you.

I’ll go back in time and be a little angel on past-Pace’s shoulder as she works through her decision. I’ll tell her how she’s practicing to teach. She won’t be able to hear me because I’m from the future, but hopefully some of my reassurance will sink into her heart.

(I’ll speak to her in italics, like this.)

Okay, we’re going back in time, picking up from where we left our panicked past-Pace! Here we go!

Breathe, Pace. Breathe.

I take a deep breath and sit in Remembrance for a few minutes. (Pace, you’re practicing what you’re going to teach in Week 1 of Choose Wisely.)

What’s true? Things aren’t working right now.

How long will it take to fix them? If I’m lucky, I could fix it today. If my fix doesn’t work, it could take much longer.

What bad things would happen if you stick to the original schedule? If I’m lucky, nothing. If not, then I’ll need to reschedule at the last minute, which is more likely to inconvenience more people.

What bad things would happen if you reschedule and push everything back by six days? I might confuse or inconvenience some people. And some good things might happen – I could use the extra time to complete some Tier 2 items on my could-do list.

(Pace, you’re combining two techniques you’re going to teach in Week 4 of Choose Wisely. And hey, another one from Peaceful Productivity.)

I realize that I’ve fallen prey to Myth #9 from The 11 Most Dangerous Myths about Finding Your Path.

Myth #9: My path will be epic.

It felt epic to me to race a deadline, to finish just before the buzzer, to pull off a successful launch against overwhelming odds. But is that really how I want to feel? Does this kind of epicness actually make me feel good?

No. It makes me feel stressed out and harried. I’d rather feel peaceful, wholehearted, and on my path.

(Woot! Not only are you feeling wholehearted, Pace, you’re practicing what you’re going to teach in Week 3 of Choose Wisely!)

I’m still feeling a little shaky, though, because I want to make a good impression on people with Choose Wisely and with this teleclass, and I want people to feel safe enough to lean into me.

What do I do?

I check in with my heart.

Stick to the original schedule? Ehhh…. maybe sorta kinda yes?

Push everything back by six days? Yes. Solid yes.

(Pace, you’ve got this. This is the HeartCompass technique you’re going to teach in Week 2 of Choose Wisely. You’re going to feel clear and wholehearted about this choice.)

It feels like my heart is learning toward pushing everything back, but that still feels uncomfortable.

Let me take another minute with my heart.

Ah. I see. I want to feel appreciated for all the work I’m doing, and I’m wanting to do things that will make my readers appreciate me.

What does my heart need? Appreciation. Witnessing.

Instead of trying to get that from people, let me get that straight from the Source.

(Another powerful, nourishing technique from Week 2 of Choose Wisely. You pass the final exam! I’m so proud of you, Pace.)

Now that my heart feels full, I can wholeheartedly decide to postpone. I write the email letting everyone know about the change in plans. I write it, and press Send. I add a note promising to tell the whole behind-the-scenes story later. And here it is!

(Hooray! Well done! And since I’m you from the future, I know that you didn’t second-guess yourself, and that you felt wholehearted about your choice!)

Summary of Pace’s Final Exam

  • I wrote about the “My path will be epic” myth in The 11 Most Dangerous Myths about Finding Your Path.
  • I’ll teach about finding peace amidst the panic in Week 1 of Choose Wisely.
  • I’ll teach about checking in with your heart in Week 2 of Choose Wisely.
  • I’ll also teach about receiving guidance by filling up your heart in Week 2 of Choose Wisely.
  • I’ll teach the “How do I want to feel?” technique in Week 3 of Choose Wisely.
  • I’ll teach the “What bad things would happen if?” technique and the problem-solving “break it down” technique in Week 4 of Choose Wisely.
  • …and I’ll teach how to put it all together in Week 5.

Thanks for joining me on my time-traveling trip to the past and back!


I hope you’ll join me for Choose Wisely as well! Registration closes tomorrow, so take a look now to see if it will help you!

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


Do you wish you could follow your heart, but it seems impossible? I can help you find the clarity and courage you need.

In other words, I can help you find your path.