We’re at BlogWorld Expo in LA!

Empty Stage

Pace and I are speaking at BlogWorld this year – in just a couple of days, in fact – on Saturday at 12:15pm LA time.

We’re very excited. And nervous. And excited.

Our talk is entitled How Your Blog Can Change the World.

We’ve each written a post about it for the BlogWorld blog, so you can have a little taste!

Mine is all woo-woo and smooshy, as I’m wont to write.

Pace’s is, surprise surprise, very explanatory and hella awesome. (We played to our strengths, there.) Hers also includes “The Parable of the Lonely Blogger” – and at the bottom, you’ll find our adorable video where she does most of the talking because it’s explainy.

If you’re at BlogWorld this weekend and want to hang out with us, text me (Kyeli) at 512-686-8593. Be sure to give me your name – even if you think I have you in my phone already – because if I don’t know who’s texting me, I’ll ignore it. Or you can always drop by our presentation and snag a hug at the end!

If you’re not at BlogWorld but wish you were, you can get in on the virtual ticket hoopla with Johnny Truant – which is gonna be incredibly awesome and allllmost as good as being there live.

We hope to see you there! Come see us! Squee!

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