What Bob The Angry Flower can teach us about life and business

Author’s note: This is Pace’s special bonus Tuesday post for the Cartoonival of Wisdom. We will return you to your regularly scheduled Freak Revolution tomorrow. (The revolution may not be televised, but it will be scheduled.)

Bob The Angry Flower has so many lessons to teach us all, which one shall I focus on today?

The importance of clear communication?

The danger of overpromising in your marketing copy?

That a victim mentality doesn’t solve anything?

The critical difference between $19.95 and $20 (it may save you from getting stabbed in the neck!)

That it’s not all about you?

That one excellent experience can make you forget the bad?

The importance of acquiring ninja insurance for your business?

Nay, I say. Despite the grand insight Bob expresses in those poignant anecdotes, I feel that his greatest wisdom is expressed by Bob smashing his own hand with a hammer, over and over and over again.

Do you mock the plight of our floral friend? Does his tenacious stubbornness amuse you?

Have you yourself never persisted in a course of errant foolishness, simply out of habit or inertia? Have you yourself never engaged in self-destructive behavior, even when you knew the most excellent course of action would be to stop? Were your own rationalizations any more compelling, in truth, than those of a certain angry flower of our mutual acquaintance?

Is there some area of your life where you are smashing yourself in the hand with a hammer over and over and over again?


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