Book Bonanza Wednesday! Chapter 25: The lollipop

Each week we give away the next chapter of our book for free. We hope you enjoy it! Here’s this week’s chapter:

Chapter 25: The lollipop


The lollipop is a metaphor we use to explain the nature of expectations, attachment, and disappointment.1 We’ll illustrate it by comparing and contrasting three stories.

Claire’s Example: A Baseline

Claire has a lollipop. It’s about two hundred licks of tasty lollipop. So she’s standing around, licking on this lollipop, and eventually it’s gone. She’s eaten the whole lollipop, so now all she has left is a stick. She feels pretty happy; she enjoys lollipops, and she’s finished a good one. She feels content.

…and here’s the rest:

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In other words, I can help you find your path.