Why does “businesslike” mean cold and heartless?

The other day, I was reading a book in which a woman was described as “businesslike.” I instantly knew what the author meant: cold, no-nonsense, efficient, and without kindness or empathy. I did a double-take.

Why does “businesslike” mean cold and heartless?

I started writing about this, but I got carried away by my passionate rant, and it turned into a manifesto.

warm-businesslike-3Dbook-300Warm and Businesslike

I’m an entrepreneur. I do business. But I’m not cold. I’m not heartless. I care about my clients and customers. I want to do good in the world and make money.

There are a lot of businesspeople who are cold-hearted and greedy. It’s time to change that.

Let’s put the love back into business.

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