“Change the World in One Minute” Contest Winners!

We are pleased to announce the three winners of the “Change the World in One Minute” video contest!

As we mentioned, we’re not much for rules, so we’re going to break our own rules and announce a tie for second place! They were too good to choose between, so we’re going to mix and match the prizes.

Second and third prizes will be divvied up between Megan Elizabeth Morris and Nathalie Lussier! Each of them will get a fair share of the prizes, which we’ll announce when we post their videos.

Congratulations, girls! Your videos totally rock! They’re both uplifting and motivating and awesome.

And now, for the first place winner…

Drumroll, please?

First prize goes to Amanda Braman-Ray! Congrats, Amanda!

She also broke most of the rules, Captain Kirk style, but her video made us both cry and touched our hearts. Tears for the win!

We’ll be posting the videos, one each day for the rest of the week. We highly recommend you spend the time watching them – they are all three totally amazing.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks again to all our kick-ass sponsors for making the prizes worth working for.

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