Choose Your Own Adventure: What are you struggling with?

There’s so much to choose from in our store – and it’s all being taken off the shelves at midnight tomorrow – that we wanted to create a short guide that’s focused on YOU. And to make it fun, we decided to do it Choose Your Own Adventure style! And remember, you get to name your own price for any of these programs!

Let’s begin the adventure!

Are you a writer or an aspiring writer?

If YES, then we recommend one of the three World-Changing Writing Workshops. They will help you get your words out of your heart and into the world. All three are excellent – if you have a writing hero, choose the one where you’ll get to learn from your writing hero. If you’re still not sure, we recommend this year’s Workshop. Click here to read more about WCWW1 WCWW2 WCWW3

If NO (I am not really a writer or aspiring writer, or I’ve got what I need for my writing), then…

Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur?

If YES, then what’s your biggest struggle in creating or growing your business?

* Enjoying my work

The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur is all about creating a business that nourishes and sustains you, that you enjoy working in. Click here to read more!

* Making time for my work

The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur teaches peaceful time management techniques that will help you make time for your work without having to force yourself. Click here to read more!

* Managing money

The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur contains some excellent resources on peaceful money management – creating a system that nourishes your finances and your business, that you don’t have to constantly stress out about. Click here to read more!

* Asking for money

Profitable Idealism directly addresses the discomfort that we ethical entrepreneurs feel when asking others for money. It doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game! Click here to read more.

* Figuring out how to build a business around my ideals

This is the heart of Profitable Idealism. The course contains many examples of successful entrepreneurs who have built businesses around their ideals, and teaches you how you can do it, too. Click here to read more!

* Creating online courses/classes/home-studies that my students actually complete

Engaging eCourses will teach you this. Your students will get more out of your courses, which is good in itself and also increases repeat business and word of mouth! Click here to read more.

If NO (I am not an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur), then…

What have you been struggling with lately?

* Relationships. My partner, family members, or co-workers often misunderstand me.

The Usual Error e-book will teach you why we don’t understand each other, and 34 ways to make it better. Click here to read more!

* Something else.

52 Weeks to Awesome will help you live a more awesome life! It covers a lot of ground in 52 bite-sized missions. Click here and see if what you’re struggling with is on the list!

*  I’m not really sure.

52 Weeks to Awesome will help you know yourself, trust yourself, and take meaningful action. Click here to read more!

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