Community Update #1: If freaks were dishwashing liquid, you’d be soaking in them!

What’s been going on in our community this week?

It’s raining freaks! Hallelujah!

Over 70 freaks have already joined the revolution! Click here if you want in, too! We’re awash and sparkling with all the awesome around us.

Extra! Extra!

We sent out our very first newsletter! It had some news (which seems appropriate for a newsletter) and a tip on compassionate communication.

In blog news, we’ve set our posting schedule: We update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30am. Wednesdays are Book Bonanza days til September, and Fridays will be Community Updates. Monday is a free-for-all!

Freak Revolution Coffee House

We’ve been getting to know each other and having some great conversations at the Coffee House, some serious and some silly. (The Coffee House is our community meeting place; it’s currently a Google Group but will metamorphosize into a shiny new forum soon!) We’ve been talking about NLP, Core Transformation, culture and family structure in Singapore, our families of origin and our families of choice, a bronze statue of two dancing clowns, and tossing around ideas for the collective noun for a group of freaks. (:


Pace guest posted on Tim Brownson’s blog to explain to everyone why Tim will save the world.


We had an awesome conversation with our good friend Johnny Truant about what’s wrong with the world and how to make it better. We talk about why we don’t watch the news, how to opt out of the fear culture, how to change the world with laughter, and why we started the Freak Revolution. It’s a good listen, and Johnny is hilarious. (:


We also had an awesome conversation (scroll down to “Changing the Fucking World, Part 2”) with our BFF sister-from-another-mother Naomi about homeschooling, unschooling, why the job culture is so fucked up, how to get out of it, and how living an awesome life can make a big difference in the world. In Naomi’s words, it’s about “galvanizing those of us who don’t fit the mold and helping us change the world.” (In case you don’t recognize Naomi from her voice, that’s her on the header of our website, on the far left.)

Pace & Kyeli

We found mold in our bathrooms, so they’re tearing out the cabinets and replacing them. It’s a huge pain in the butt, but luckily our landlord is totally awesome and is being really great about it. We’re hoping that getting rid of the mold will cure our son’s recurring cold-like symptoms. Poor kid, he’s been sick off and on ever since we moved to our new place.

How ’bout you?

You’re part of our community, too! What’s been going on with you this week?

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