Community Update #10: 3½ Weeks to 52 Weeks to Awesome

Time for another dose of what’s going on in our community!


Our friend and fellow world-changer Hildy Gottlieb presented a workshop in Tucson. She mentioned The Usual Error and gave us photographic proof! Look on the whiteboard behind her head!

I (Pace) recently finished reading Hildy’s book, The Pollyanna Principles, and it feels like the connection paradigm applied to nonprofit organizations. (Sorry, “Community Benefit Organizations”, which I agree is a much better name for them.) It’s like reading something I could have written, except in a different context, and I’m working on a whole blog post just about this book. If you’re at all interested in changing the world through organizations that benefit the community, you probably want to get to know Hildy, because she’s awesome like that. She’s also on Twitter. (:

The Buddhist usual error

Speaking of the usual error, I came across the oldest reference to the usual error I’ve ever seen: a quote from the Buddha, who says “We see as we are.”


We made the front page of Lespreneur, the magazine for lesbian entrepreneurs! Here’s the cover story.

Quiet Company

Do you like Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn? Do you like music? If so, check out this music video by Taylor Muse of Quiet Company. The song and the video are inspired by Ishmael, and it made me really happy.

Here’s the video: On Modern Men

Also, thank you to Green (who wrote the lovely poem we posted on Wednesday) for introducing us!

Being Out at Work

We wrote an article for Out In America on being out at work and how it can change the world.

Opening the Moneyflow

My friend Mark Silver is offering a year-long course called Opening the Moneyflow. It’s about a heart-centered approach to building or growing a business of your own. Many of you have asked that the two of us offer a course on how to start your own business in an ethical, non-slimy way that will change the world for the better. We’re not ready to offer that course yet, but in the meantime, we wholeheartedly recommend Mark Silver as our proxy. He’s the real deal: honest, authentic, knowledgeable, and just a super sweet guy. His earlier course, Heart of Money, certainly helped me a huge lot.

If you’re interested in starting or growing your own business in a heart-centered way, I suggest reading about it to see if it’s for you. Here’s an affiliate link and here’s a direct link if you prefer. (:

52 Weeks to Awesome

Last but certainly not least, we’re eagerly preparing for the launch of 52 Weeks to Awesome, our exciting new e-course that starts in January! Pre-registration opens on December 14th, and we’ll be telling you more about it as it draws near. Keep it in mind as a potential gift for friends — who couldn’t use a little more awesome in their lives? (:

To kick this off, we’ll be hosting a free, 52-minute How to Be Awesome teleclass on Monday, December 14th at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific (here’s a time zone converter) – and if you join the Freak Revolution newsletter, we’ll remind you via email in plenty of time to sign up. We’ll give a brief overview of what we’ll cover in the course — the Basic Principles of Awesomeness.

Hope to see (or hear) you there! (:

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