Community Update #15: generosity and inspiration

Here’s what’s going on in the Freak Revolution community lately:

Pace interviews Kyeli

Here is a 20-second interview in which Pace asks Kyeli three very important questions. It is very silly. (:

Jen Louden

If you’d prefer an in-person writing workshop over a virtual one, Jen Louden has just the thing. In fact, it’s not really a writing workshop, it’s a writing retreat; it’s more like a spa than a conference. You get a bunch of distraction-free time to write while surrounded by wonderful people and delicious food, you get luscious, inspiring seminars with Jen, and you get yoga and destuckification with Havi. Kyeli was heartbroken not to be able to go this year, but maybe you can go and tell everyone hi from us. (:


Jessica Reagan Salzman is offering a special for readers of the Freak Revolution blog: a Guided Money Session in exchange for feedback. I just had my session with Jess, and I’m feeling a lot better and a lot clearer now. It’s like a combination of financial coaching and energetic healing. Check it out if it sounds interesting to you. She’s only offering this to the first few people who take her up on her generous offer.


My friend Shannon is also offering a special — three free inspiration/life coaching sessions, good until Monday, June 7th. I haven’t coached with her, but I know her as a friend and she’s a good person. (:

Michael Bungay Stanier

An inspiring video: The Alchemy of Great Work, by @boxofcrayons. This makes me want to stand up and cheer!

Lots of other freaky revolutionaries

We’ve had a lot of interesting discussions over at the Freak Revolution Coffee House lately. Our people make me so happy. (:

The World-Changing Writing Contest

The WCWW contest is going strong! We’ve had lots of excellent entries so far, and there’s still time left. The contest ends tomorrow night at midnight, so get those fingers tapping and email Kyeli your writing!

Good luck!


What’s new with you, my friends?

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