Community Update #2: Questionable Content and cosplay


Our friend Benji sent us a link, saying, “I don’t know if J. Jacques reads The Usual Error, or if you guys read Questionable Content… or if this is just some bizarro cross-over moment… check it out!!”

Neat! It’s feeling considered and the veggie burger. (:

(Kyeli does read QC and is a huge fan – this strip made her giggle for hours.)

The Merch Girl

Our freaky revolutionary friend The Merch Girl thinks that burlesque can change the world. I think she’s right.


We had a 3-hour conversation with Trish Lambert about the Freak Revolution, Landmark, how to avoid letting evil creep in as the revolution grows, the Think Big Revolution, horses, and lots of other stuff.


Deb Owen wrote a great post about being too “nice”. Good stuff about fierceness and holding healthy boundaries.

Pace and Kyeli

This week has been full of ups and downs for us.

The downs

Stressful conversations about money and sex. (Unrelated conversations, mind you.) Still too raw to post about in detail.

The ups

Yesterday, we had a long talk about both issues and made good progress. Today, we talked more about both issues and made more progress, and then had good connect-y time together.

And tomorrow, we’re going to A-kon! It’s a big anime convention. It’ll be lots of fun; this is the fourth year in a row Kyeli and I have gone together, and our first year with Dru along all weekend. Dru is cosplaying as Detective Conan. (:

Our evil illustrator, Martin Whitmore, will be at the Con. He’ll have a table with the lovely and talented Megan E. Morris. Our awesome, cat-hat knitting friend, Kathy, of Platypus Dreams, will be there, too. We’re looking forward to it – we always have a blast!

OH! And I (Kyeli) went to the bank this morning, and they asked me for a second form of ID. I presented them with my Freak Revolution membership card, and they TOOK IT! It was so cool.

How’s your week been? Anything you’d like to share with us?

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