Community Update #3: Lemon Juice Invisibility and Toilet Lid Mysteries

Squirting lemon juice on your face makes you invisible to video cameras.

Our friend Biogant sent us a link to this video, which talks about the fact that incompetent people are often unaware of their own incompetence. It’s interesting. We all have our blind spots, but it’s scary to realize that we’re often blind to our blind spots.

This video, on the other hand, talks about the same thing, but is even more amusing.

5 Concrete Things You Can Do to Improve Your Relationship

Kyeli wrote a guest post for Out In America. You can read it here! (:

Andy Hayes

Today is a big day for our freaky revolutionary Andy Hayes. It’s his first day of self-employment as a travel writer and photographer! Let’s give him a big round of applause! (So that he can hear you over the internet, leave him a comment with *clapclapclap*)

Jonathan Mead

Andy’s not the only one! Our friend Jonathan Mead quit his day job earlier this week! Way to go, Jonathan! *clapclapclap*

Decluttering Goddesses

Our darling and dear friends, Leonie and Lisa, have joined forces to create a smashing decluttering program to help people get unstuck and cleared out. From the site:

There are adventures to be had, projects you’d love to dive into, and people you want to have time for. You want room to breathe, to think, to play. You want to shine as the amazing Goddess you are.

Yet, there it is. The stuff in your home, the paper piles in your home office, and the 101 things on your to-do list, all clamouring for your time and attention. Even thinking about it can be overwhelming.

But you know there’s more to life than managing stuff. You know that your time and your energy and your special light are your most precious resources. And you know that life doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Are you signed up yet? Kyeli’s in!

Athena Bradford

Our friend Athena wrote a very sweet post about giving her daughter a vibrator for her 15th birthday. Unsurprisingly, a right-wing blogger took offense at this, saying “This is the kind of thing that kids end up going through years of therapy for.”

I think the poster on that blog are making the usual error. Since it would be inappropriate and possibly traumatic for their daughters (more than likely because they’ve been “properly” raised with the “sex is dirty and bad” meme), they’re assuming that it would be inappropriate and possibly traumatic for everyone’s daughters.

It’s the same as when people get all hot and bothered about nudists. Since nudity is tied to sex in their minds, they assume it would be inappropriate for a child to be around naked people all the time. But in fact, it’s completely normal and natural if the child doesn’t see nudity as sexual.

(Favor request: Please don’t get into any arguments with these folks. It won’t do anyone any good and has the potential to cause unnecessary drama.)

Toilet Lid Mystery

Night before last, I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It being all dark and scary, when I used the last of the toilet paper, I opted not to go into the garage and get more. I left Kyeli a signal – I put the toilet lid down and stood the empty TP roll on top of it.

It failed. She wound up stuck for quite a long time the next morning, getting increasingly mad at me for not leaving her a signal. We have cats, so that explains the TP roll having fallen to the floor (being knocked, no doubt), but how did the lid get raised? Neither I nor Kyeli have any recollection of raising the lid, and Dru doesn’t ever use our bathroom – and said he didn’t on the night in question.

I realize our cats are interesting, but opening the toilet? It’s a mystery, and we can’t figure it out.


We had fun at A-kon, mostly by spending lots of time with our friends: Marty (he was all zombi-fied and terrorizing children), Megan, Kathy and her husband, and Frank and Kori.

The Kon itself was fun, but this year there was a distinct lack of anime we were interested in watching more than one episode of – which is the entirety of why we go. Kyeli’s saving her money for our Irish honeymoon, so she didn’t shop like she usually does, and Dru bailed at the last minute, having mistaken A-kon for AggieCon in his mind til the morning he was due to join us.

All in all, we came away with a single question: Does anyone know of a Netflix-like thing that’s good for anime?


All three of us went to see Oceana yesterday. Our friend Kira is in it – the same Kira who co-taught Iron Pentacle class. It was incredible. Awesome. World-view transforming. If you’re in Austin, get thee to the Vortex! Show ends this weekend!

Your turn!

That’s it for us this week; what’s going on with you?

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