Community Update #4: OMG Daniel Quinn!

News flash: Scientists make the usual error

Jodi pointed me to this article, which basically says “Be precise in how you want your work to be used, because other people are going to make the usual error.”

Guest Post!

Pace wrote an awesome guest post about the usual error for Social Work p.r.n., a social work company based in Pennsylvania.

We were connected to them through our dear friend, Bob Poole – thanks, Bob!

OMG Daniel Quinn!

The brilliant author of Ishmael and The Story of B, two of the three most boat-rocking, life-altering books we’ve read, put a short blurb about us in his news column last weekend.

This is a big deal for us, as these two books were a huge part of what inspired us to create the Freak Revolution! We’re honored to be featured on his site.

We made a new friend!

Our new friend Tracy, of Fiercely Loved, wrote a very interesting and touching blog post about how we’re pushing her boundaries and her journey from fear to acceptance.

It’s beautiful and well-written, and managed to accidentally step on one of Kyeli’s triggers – who is currently still processing, but we’ll post a podcast about it on Monday.

Decluttering Goddesses is happening soon!

Leonie and Lisa’s course, Decluttering Goddesses, starts this Monday! It’s all about creating sacred space in your home so you can do your Work without the clutter-stress impeding you.

Kyeli is particularly excited about this course. She’s very sensitive to her environment, and clutter stresses her out big time. She’s already signed up and hopes you join her! It’s going to be amazing!

Time’s almost up to register, so why don’t you click here right now and check it out? Even if you don’t buy anything, you still get to look at Leonie’s luscious handwriting and art. (:

Here’s a taste of what’s going on in the Freak Revolution Community.

Member Tiara won third place in the New Talent category in Brisbane’s Cabaret Burlesque! Congrats and well done!

Member KN is getting ready to lead a Summer Solstice ritual for a conference of the North American Interfaith Network, which will happen on June 27th as part of a long weekend of workshops and religious services from various faith traditions. Kyeli wishes she could be a part of that; it sounds super cool.

Member Ari is going back to university after a two year hiatus – excellent! She also gets to meet her godson for the first time – he’ll be 10 months old.

Member Rachael is reading Zen to Done in hopes of finding something peaceful and helpful; we wish her luck!

What’s going on with Pace and Kyeli?

We had a schedule change last week; Dru started spending weekends with his other mom instead of Saturday through Monday, so we’ve been adjusting to that. It’s been a bit rough.

Kyeli has been working on optimizing her life. She’s been feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with the many hats she wears, so we’ve been working on a hat-rotation schedule so she can only worry about one hat at a time. A hat for everything and everything in its hat! She’s also been working on letting go of some superhuman expectations of herself that she picked up throughout her life. We’ve had ups and downs, laughter and tears. Progress (and hats) are being made, but this week has been pretty rocky in the emotional department.

Pace started Heart of Money with Mark Silver, who is amazingly awesome. She’s just into the pre-assignment, and is already 100% convinced that this course is going to change her life! (And she says “Thank you, thank you, thank you” to Kyeli for convincing her to sign up.)

And you?

That’s it for us, how are you doing right now?

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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