Community Update #9: October Manifesto Famousness and “Heal the World” 11×17 prints

As promised, here are the highlights of how the Freak Revolution Manifesto has changed the world in October!

Moon’sLark shared a very touching story of how the manifesto is affecting her.

Diary of a Bad Housewife has a post about the manifesto in the form of a long letter to a friend.

Pace had a conversation with Karl of paradox1x, and it turned out that Karl’s opinion of the manifesto was totally different after reading it thoroughly than when he first skimmed it.

The manifesto also made guest appearances on Lily of the Valley, Thanks For Playing, and Odd Angel, and you guys have left some amazing comments about how the manifesto has affected your lives.

Last but not least, after enjoying Marty’s beautiful “Heal the World” art as my desktop background for a couple of weeks, I decided that I wanted a print copy to frame and hang on the wall to inspire us and remind us of how we’re helping to heal the world. We twisted Marty’s arm and talked him into offering 11×17″ prints for $14.99. (75% of the money goes directly to Marty.) We’ve ordered ours, and if you’d like a copy too, you can get yours here! (:

“Heal the World”
(click for larger version)

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