Contest Entries are due Today!

Our video contest, “Change the World in One Minute”, ends today!

Entries are due by midnight tonight, Central time, September 25th.

Be creative! You can sing an inspirational song, talk about your philosophy, share an uplifting story, use sock puppets… whatever! It only takes a minute, so why not give it a try?

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 29th. (That’s the day after the manifesto release date, so tons of people will see it!)

The three winning videos will be posted in our blog on Wednesday (September 30th), Thursday (October 1st), and Friday (October 2nd) – and all suitable entries will be posted on our website on a special page created just for them!

Only video entries originally created for this contest will be considered. Also, please only submit your own work; having someone help you is fine, but submitting someone else’s work – even if it’s about you – is not.

Our contest is especially honored to be sponsored by Goddess Leonie, Lisa Baldwin, Bob Poole, Megan Elizabeth Morris, Martin Whitmore, and E. Foley; we are extremely grateful to them for their love and support! All of them are incredibly talented, gifted, awesome people, and their prize offerings are going to knock your socks off.

Click here for more details, and submit those entries – before midnight!

Good luck!

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