Daniel Quinn and the Freak Revolution

“Teach a hundred what I’ve taught you,
and inspire each of them to teach a hundred.”

Several years ago, Pace read a book called Ishmael by some guy I’d never heard of – Daniel Quinn.

She immediately thrust it upon me, proclaiming it to be the best book she’d ever read. I, somewhat dubiously, read it.

And my world was changed.

A few months later, I read The Story of B – sobbing, nearly hysterical. Never in all my life had I felt so understood by a total stranger. Profoundly touched, this has been without equal in world-changing life-shaking books in my life.

So again, my world was changed.

A revolution began that year, deep in Pace’s heart and in mine. Though it took us nearly four years to figure it out and get it right, those two books implanted the seeds that would eventually blossom into the Freak Revolution.

It is with this profound joy (and more than a little fangirlish squee) that we were able to include a five-question text interview with Daniel as part of the World-Changing Writing Workshop.

We’ve been featured on the Ishmael.org site more than once, and each time has been an honor and a delight.

We are so proud of the Freak Revolution – and were it not for Daniel’s own world-changing writing, we wouldn’t be here today.

In addition to Daniel Quinn’s interview, we’ve got a host of bonus material – and a surprise 6th guest speaker!

The speakers are Chris Guillebeau, Jonathan Fields, Danielle LaPorte, Colleen Wainwright, Jennifer Louden, Pace and me (of course), – and a surprise appearance by Johnny B. Truant!

We’ve also got 8 stellar bonuses (six interviews and two eBooks), all of which are free with registration:

Bonus #1: Daniel Quinn, World-Changing Writing
Bonus #2: Deb Ng, Freelance Writing
Bonus #3: Nathalie Lussier, Creating Lasting Change
Bonus #4: Becky Blanton, Hot-Button Issues
Bonus #5: Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Authenticity
Bonus #6: Kelly Kingman, eBooks and Stickiness
Bonus #7: and Kelly’s book, “The Sticky eBook Formula” – a WCWW exclusive!
Bonus #8: Ali Hale’s eBook, “The Blogger’s Guide To Effective Writing”

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