differences in perrrrrsonality types

Avast, limey blog readers! I be yer guest-bloggerrr t’day – this be none other than Pirate Queen Mad KyLee, here from the sparklin’ Emerald Isle jus’ ta write fer ye. T’day, I’m gonna talk ta ye ’bout differin’ peoples.

Usually, I jus’ make anyone who disagrees w’ me ta walk me plank, but I’m tol’ that’s not what ye scurvy dogs wanta be readin’. So I’ll be telling ye a secret. An’ threatenin’ yer lives if’n ye decide to go a’spoutin’ me secret, ye get me?

Al’righty. Now, occasionally, when the sun be blazin’ hot and the wind in me sails has died, methinks to meself, what be wrong w’those landlubbin’ ninjas? Nat’rally, I’ll not be tellin’ me hearties about this, they not bein’ communication lovers like meself. Let’s keep it between you and me, eh there?

I be talkin’ to one, and he shuffles off’n the middle of me very words! Do they not be lovin’ of me tales of wind and sea? Nar, nar! I can’t be understandin’ that a’tall! Mean they terrible insults? It makes me so firey mad, I wanna be slittin’ their limey throats, but then I canna find the buggers, always skulkin’ off and hidin’, the cowards.

Then! Sometimes, they wanna be talkin’ to me, all ninja stars and black pants and bloody stupid hidin’ and the like. Bores a girl silly. More’an one o’ them buggers’s walked that there plank, I’ll tell ya that fer nothin’.

But s’pposin’ a girl wants ta be ac’ually talkin’ to one o’ these myst’rious types. I not be knowin’ how ta! Now, I be tol’ that there be differ’t peoples in’t world, and t’ best way ta talk t’em be ta not make’m walk t’ plank immedi’tly. Ta rememberr there be diff’r’nces in how we all be thinkin’ and talkin’ and actin’ and reactin’.

Truth be tol’, I also been tol’ that my way’sn’ always the righ’ way, but ye folks know tha’s jus crrrrazy talk. Those ninjas can’na know what they be talkin’ abou’, eh?

Oka’, mabbe the buggers do know sommat, but only mabbe, an’ only sometimes, ye hear me tellin’ ye?

An’way, it be good, so I’m tol’, to keep it in me head that not ever’one’s t’ same as meself. Ye might wanna keep it in yer heads, too, ye scurvy dogs.

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