Do one thing, and do it better than anyone.

I just read the text on the back of a box of popcorn, and was reminded of Seth Godin’s recent post.

From the popcorn box:

Orville was passionate about popcorn. He spent over 40 years developing the perfect popcorn until he found one that popped up with a 44:1 expansion ratio — bigger, lighter, and fluffier than any kernel the world had ever seen before. His personal motto was, “Do one thing, and do it better than anyone.” This personal commitment and high standards are what make Orville Redenbacher’s gourmet popping corn the favorite of so many families today.

From Seth’s post:

Is this what you set out to do? Is compromising everything going to get you to a place that was worth the journey? Wouldn’t it be smarter to just stop selling trains and do something else (lottery tickets, even) but do it really really well.

Synchronicities like this make me really happy. (:

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