How to pummel your affiliates’ affiliate links out of e-junkie, in 6 not-so-easy steps

1. Log in to e-junkie.

2. Click on “View/Download Transactions Log”.

In the AFFILIATE drop-down box, there’s what you want — your affiliates’ IDs!

3. Get your affiliates and their IDs into Excel. I used emacs to screen-scrape them into Excel, but emacs is ridiculously complicated to explain, and I don’t know an easier way. So you can either type them in by hand or save the web page and copy and paste them into Excel, one by one. Your goal is to end up with an Excel spreadsheet like this:

but all filled out with all your affiliates and their IDs.

4. Go back to e-junkie, go to Affiliate Admin, and click on Get Affiliate Code.

5. Get an affiliate code for your own business. It will look like this:

Since this is your affiliate link for your own business, XXXXX and YYYYY will be the same. When you construct affiliate links for your affiliates, you’ll change the YYYYY but keep the XXXXX the same.

6. Enter XXXXX into your Excel spreadsheet and paste this formula into all of Column D:

="" & C$2 & "&c=ib&aff=" & B2

There you go! Now you have a spreadsheet containing the affiliate links for all your affiliates.

Some (optional) neat things you can do now are:

Manually enter each affiliate link into to shrink it, and paste the result into the spreadsheet.

Add some fields to the mailing list for your affiliates, import this spreadsheet, and then you can send emails to all your affiliates that say “Your affiliate link is: *|AFFLINK|*” and it will automatically do the right thing. It’s wonderful, and totally worth the effort.

Although I wonder if my effort would have been better spent switching to something less frustrating than e-junkie…

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