excellent book news!

Today, after nearly two months of work, we finished the second draft of the Usual Error book!! I’m so incredibly happy and excited!!

On Friday, we’ll print out two copies and go to Austin Java with our laptops, our manuscripts, and a set of colored markers, and spend the entire day editing and reviewing the book. Then, we’ll send it out to all our friends and family who’ve asked to be editors and proofers! After we make any changes they recommend, we’ll hire a professional editor, fix it up, and then it’s not too long til we publish!!

I’m so proud and happy!

Also, last night we bought out the third author of the book, so now the book is entirely ours!! The entire Usual Error Project is entirely ours!!

We’re so full of glee we couldn’t stop giggling all day. What amazing progress. As Pace said, we’re really in the river, because everything is coming along perfectly!

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