Exciting book re-announcement!

We announced this yesterday, but we understand that not everyone likes to watch dorky videos. Well, we know that not every one likes to watch dorky videos, but we don’t entirely understand it – but then, we’re dorky, so there you go.

Consider this a special re-announcement! Woo!

Our book, The Usual Error: Why We Don’t Understand Each Other and 34 Ways to Make it Better, is now available on Amazon.com!

As of yesterday, that’s the only place you can get it. They’ve already discounted the price from $15.99 to $14.39 – which means they want to sell more of it, so yay!

The front cover is now blue and in full color:

and the back cover is gorgeous, too:

…we crack me up. Voodoo dolls and nuclear explosions. Haha!

Anyway, here are a few snippets from the top reviews:

A wonderful resource!

In this book, Pace and Kyeli examine how people communicate and where they most often make mistakes. They unfold their findings in a conversational style that makes the communication principles easy to remember. Reading this book taught me things without me even realizing how much I’d retained; the ideas seeped right into my brain…

…This book has practical advice, memorable metaphors, wonderful illustrations, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh approach for the age-old problems of communication.

5 stars – Kira A. Parra


The Usual Error

…The Usual Error is not a magic potion to instantly solve all your communication issues. It is, however, a great inspiration; it is a starting point from which epiphanies are born. As you read, you will recall situations from your own life in which the knowledge would have been helpful, and after reading it, you will remember its simple, quirky and honest advice when future problems arise.

Chapters are short, easy to read and understand, and encourage reflection without the cheesy, condescending language that tends to dominate the self-help genre. Pace and Kyeli Smith write the chapters cleanly and pleasantly, no doubt as a result of the project’s origins as a workshop and presentation, and the brilliant illustrations by Martin Whitmore capture the spirit and humor of the authors perfectly. All in all, the experience of reading this book is one of great amusement and deep reflection…

5 stars – Green Blackwell


This book has been great for my marriage.

I purchased a copy of “The Usual Error” as my husband and I had been using some of the skills that we’d been reading about on Pace and Kyeli’s blog. We have been working on each chapter and it has given us the opportunity to communicate better and it has really improved our marriage as a whole.

The advice given is very real-world and doesn’t involve sitting across from each other doing practice sessions or anything like that. It involves reading the chapter and talking about what you learned and really listening to each other. It’s a far more effective method for us…

5 stars – Jenn Strobel

You can buy your very own copy here, through Amazon. (We don’t recommend buying the $35 “used” copy, though. Yeesh.)

We are really excited! We’ve spent three years total in creation, from start to finish. We’ve had the help of many people, most notably Martin Whitmore (our illustrator) and Megan Elizabeth Morris (our designer). We’ve been inspired and encouraged by friends and family along the way, and we are very grateful to all of you.

Here’s to awesome communication!

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