Expanding your edges as growth.

Another Friday, another epiphany from Iron Pentacle class.

Growth moves us. Growth keeps us from stagnation. Often, we fear it, but the alternative is far, far worse – a lack of growth is a lack of living.

I was sitting on the floor, learning absorbing taking in all this magick and light, and I could feel myself growing. I could feel my tendrils reaching out. I could feel my edges expanding into newness.

I was sitting on the floor, listening. The epiphany had planted seeds, but I wasn’t quite there yet. Suddenly, I got it – and I started drawing circles into the carpet with my fingertips.

We live in circles – we are circles. We have boundaries and edges, personal space and comfort zones. Growing feels safest in tiny pushes against those circles – I form little rings outside what is currently comfortable for me, and then I grow out. I grow into that slightly bigger circle til it’s comfortable, then start the process all over again. Sometimes I’ll have rapid growth – and my circles get bigger all lop-sidedly. Then it takes me a while to even out and adjust, but it can be just as awesome and fun as the little pushes.

Like tree rings!

It’s a process, growth. Expanding your edges, pushing just outside of your circle. Feeling it out, testing the waters.

Recently, I was trying on clothes. My favorite thing – the one that most delighted me – was a pale cream dress with pink flowers! If you looked in my closet, you’d know why that’s so odd. Most of my clothes are dark earthy colors: olive green, brown, some dark grey, some black. No dresses. Certainly no flowery things, and certainly no light or bright colors!

It seems minor, but it’s actually a reflection of major inner workings. Growth – I’ve been expanding my circles for over a year, and now my fashion sense is starting to reflect that. It pushes my boundaries a little to wear the light cream dress with pink flowers.

But it also makes me happy. It makes me feel new.

Expanding into newness is an excellent way to grow. Test things, try things, see what works and what fails. Try a shirt in a color you’ve never worn. Try that new dish at your old favorite restaurant. Try a new hairstyle – hair grows!

If you always stay inside those comfort zones, you’ll never feel that sense of newness – you’ll never grow.

I challenge you to try something new today. One new thing – it can be little or big. If you leave me a comment, I’ll even cheer you on – I’d love to hear what you’ll try!

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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