Final day for Early Bird Registration for Permission to Make a Difference!

Sweetie pie schnookums-heart!!

Today is the last day of Early Bird for Permission to Make a Difference!

Julica and I will be so very tickled to have you in our class. We’re mixing up all kinds of awesome things to share with you and teach you!

Here’s the 8-week overview:

* Week 1: Permission to Be Yourself and Feel Safe

* Week 2: Permission to be Powerful

* Week 3: Permission to Believe in Possibility

* Week 4: Permission to Receive and Connect

* Week 5: Permission to Be Compassionate

* Week 6: Permission to Protect Ourselves

* Week 7: Permission to Be Autonomous

* Week 8: Permission to Have Faith

Oooh, I get shivery just reading the list! I’m kind of ridiculously excited about this class, actually.

And here’s a delicious podcast (it’s just under 10 minutes long, but well worth the time, if I do say so myself) of Julica and me running down the weeks and what we’re planning to do with them.

This! Class! Is going to rock!

The Early Bird flies the coop tonight at 11:59pm, so get registered today, and join us on this incredible adventure!


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