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This 16-page PDF workbook will get you clear and confident about your direction in life. STOP living on autopilot and START living the wholehearted, unconventional life you were meant to live.

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This is for you if:

You wonder if you have a calling, but you have no clue what it is, or how to turn it from dream into reality.

You want to follow your heart and do what you love.

You need to find your own unique path, because what works for everyone else is slowly killing you.

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Hi! I’m Pace Smith,
the Pathfinding Coach.

I’ve been helping sensitive spiritual nonconformists follow their hearts since 2007. I’m a Sufi dervish, a bi poly trans gamer geek, an open-source Reiki healer, and a tournament-level Dance Dance Revolution player.

“This workbook changed my life.”

danielle“I love how your mind works, Pace. You get underneath cliches and assumptions and it’s so refreshing. What’s more, you do it with loving kindness — like a true path maker/finder/seeker.”

Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map

pam“Pace has a way of making the complex clear, the stuck looser and the hard feasible. If you have been looking for a fun and effective way to find your path, you will love this smart and whimsical guide.”

Pamela Slim, business coach and author of Body of Work