Today, Kyeli and I spent nine hours at Austin Java working on the third draft of The Usual Error, and we spent a huge chunk of that time in an awesome state of flow. We edited half of the entire book. The second draft took us a month and a half, working for a couple hours a day. But when we dedicated an entire day to it and focused entirely on editing, the hours flew by like water.

Oh yeah, water! Our environment was very important to supporting our flow. We had easy access to water from the drink machine, so we weren’t constantly interrupted by our server. There was background music playing, but it wasn’t too loud or distracting. The buzz of conversation was minimal. The food was yummy and nourishing. Our table and chairs were relatively comfortable, but next time we’ll bring a couple of pillows to set on the wooden chairs.

Next time — in just two days! — we’ll finish the third draft, and then we’ll send out copies for all our friends to edit! We’re so excited!

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