I’m an indie game developer. I care about kindness and innovation. And, apparently, limericks.

My games

Limerick Quest
Sequel to Limerick Heist
4th place at IFComp 2020

“To Russia!” you boldly suggest.
“This riddle has got me obsessed.
We’ll search ’till we’re blind,
and loot what we find!
Let’s go on a…

Limerick Quest logo

Limerick Heist
8th place at IFComp 2019

Rule 1 is that no one gets iced.
Rule 2: the loot’s evenly sliced.
There’s only two rules.
Now listen up, fools!
We’re pulling a…

Limerick Heist logo
Contains: vulgarity, lies, misanthropes, some drinking, unreasonable hopes, extravagant crimes, 100+ rhymes, and oodles and oodles of tropes.

Compass Rose
A lateral-thinking puzzle game


Jam Games

Limerick Night
4th place in the “under 4 hours” category of ECTOCOMP 2019

Limerick Night logo

You’re cursed! If you don’t set it right,
your bones turn to dust at first light.
That’s not too attractive,
so let’s get proactive!
Can you survive… LIMERICK NIGHT???

You are a sentient backpack, managing inventory for your hapless adventurer owner.
Made with brundolf & Sarah Goldgar for Ludum Dare 42.
Overencumbered screenshot


Youhou 01: Ethereal Piracy, Breezeless Sea
A bullet hell where you can’t dodge.
Made with June B, chloe “tvwolfsnake” spears, & vilinder for GMTKjam 2018.
Ethereal Piracy, Breezeless Sea screenshot