Gathering Together Powerful Stories.

Something magical happens when our stories are told. We empower each other. We support each other. We feel understood. We grow closer to each other, we grow stronger. Communities are built and friendships forged.

I am incredibly proud to be a part of Power Stories: A Strengthening Tonic. This six-week course features a slew of powerful and empowering stories from many awesome and excellent people (including yours truly!), put lovingly together by our darling friend, Rachelle Mee-Chapman of Magpie Girl. Rachelle is a compassionate, bright spirit that I feel fortunate to know and even more so to call her my friend.

Here’s a snippet of my own story:

…Finally, I decided to stand up. I decided to take my body into my own hands and get this disorder resolved.

I went to a better doctor, armed with a list of my symptoms and options that I’d found on the internet with the help of my wife. I told my doctor upon our first meeting that I have been raped and had a miscarriage and have had several bad experiences, so I needed her to be gentle with me. She listened, and she was. After my exam, we talked about my options. I knew what I wanted, but I was terrified the western medical world wouldn’t listen or support me.

I’m 33 years old. Prolapse of this magnitude doesn’t usually happen to women before their 60’s, so I’m a very unusual case. And because of my youth, I was afraid that my options would be even more limited. But my doctor was patient and supportive, and she sent me to the right surgeon.

When I met with the surgeon, I told him exactly what I wanted. I want a complete hysterectomy and pelvic floor reconstruction. He looked at me, concerned, and said that surgery was usually reserved for women who’d gone through other treatments first.

I took a deep breath. I knew this would be hard, but this is my body, and no one – not even a doctor – has the right to tell me what’s best for me…

That’s part of my story, and there are six other stories as well.

Rachelle took these seven powerful stories and created a course around them, complete with videos and worksheets to help you learn to trust your own inner guidance and stand in your own power.

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