We’re going to Ireland!

Pace and I will be boarding our plane to Ireland in less than 24 hours! I hope I can sleep tonight. I guess I can sleep on the plane, as long as Customs lets me get on it; it’s a long flight.

Since we’ll be in Ireland(!!!), we will be mostly incommunicado for the next three weeks – two spent on the Emerald Isle, and one spent recovering here at home.

We could have queued up a bunch of posts, but I’m no good at pre-writing so far in advance. Instead, we’re going to have a Guest Post Extravaganza and fill the next three weeks with so much awesome from our friends that you might just burst.

Here’s the lineup!

Starting off our Extravaganza and making your Yule more festive on the 21st: Megan Morris, That Idea Blueprint Girl, with Sink the Boat! (It’s a video post, so you get to see how cute Megan is (very!).)

Wednesday, December 23rd: Marissa Bracke, the Can-Do-Ologist, with An Ode to My Creative Spark: A Love Letter in Five Parts.

Brightening up your Christmas Friday: Nathalie Lussier, the Raw Foods Witch, with How to Live the Life of an Outsider and Enjoy It!

Monday, December 28th: Victoria Brouhard of Creating Your Entrepreneurial Life, with On Picking Your Friends.

Wednesday, December 30th: Johnny B. Truant, Making the Internet (and our blog) Awesome with How I’m learning to break the rules.

Kicking off the new year on Friday, January 01: Bob Poole, coming at you from the Water Cooler Hangout, with Happy New Year!

Monday, January 04th: Hayden Tompkins of Through the Illusion, with Here There Be Awesome.

Wednesday, January 06th: Leah Shapiro of Defy the Box, with Where the Juicy Goodness Lies.

And wrapping up the Extravaganza, the incredible Rudi Whitmore, sister of our very own evil illustrator, with Kindness goes to the dogs.

Seriously, I almost wish I was going to be around to read all this incredible stuff.

Except, you know, Ireland. Yeah.

Play nice while we’re gone, darlings, and enjoy all the goodies! See you in the new year!

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