Happy birthday, Marchians! Let’s celebrate the awesome!

Wow, wow, wow. There are a megaton of awesome birthdays in March! Look at this!

Havi, Naomi, Johnny, Marissa, Ealasaid, Cath, Sarah, Helen, Shannon, Carolyn, Kyle, Joy, Jen, Chelsea, Kate, Tanya, Kelan, and several of my cousins. And probably lots of people we don’t know, and maybe some people we know and terribly forgot (we’re sorry!).

And, of course, me! My birthday is tomorrow, I’ll be 33, and I am super excited. I’ve been looking forward to being 33 since I was little! It’s such a cool number.

What can we do to celebrate all the birthdays and all the awesome people? How about a sale on being awesome? Yay!

From March 19th (that’s today!) to March 22nd (that’s Monday), 52 Weeks to Awesome will be $33 (because I’ll be 33!) when you use the discount code kyelibday. All the money we make from the sale will go toward whatever amazing birthday extravaganza my lovely wife has been cooking up for some months (so I have no idea what it is, but apparently it’s awesome), so if you’ve been hunting for just the right present for me (and I know you have, you’re so thoughtful!), you can get yourself a present at a discount and contribute to my Big Birthday Extravaganza at the same time!

Sale for you, birthday yum for me. It’s perfect.

So, happy birthday, my darling fellow Marchians! There are quite a lot of us, which is why March is so very wonderful indeed.

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