Happy birthday to me (and possibly you)!

March is, apparently, the right time for Awesome.

I mean, look at all these birthdays!

Jen, Johnny, Marissa, Havi, Ealasaid, Cath, Helen, Shannon, Carolyn, Kyle, Joy, Alex, Yael, Sarah (hers is the same day as me!), Leslie, Niki, Ray, Jill, Bonnye, April, Chelsea, Kate, Tanya, Kelan, and several of my cousins. And probably lots of people we don’t know, and maybe some people we know and terribly forgot (we’re sorry!).

And, of course, me! My birthday is Sunday – I’ll be 34. It feels rather monumentous, actually. I’m leaving my “early 30’s” and heading into my “mid-30’s”. Rather a rite of passage. And, there’ll be a full moon on my birthday this year.

What can we do to celebrate all the birthdays and all the awesome people? How about a sale on being awesome? Yay!

From right now til 11:59pm March 20th (that’s Sunday), 52 Weeks to Awesome is $34 (because I’ll be 34! Get it?). Birthday weekend sale, woo!

So if you’ve been hunting for just the right present for me (and I know you have, you’re so thoughtful!), you can instead get yourself a present at a discount. It’s what I really want, after all – to help you and your life be more awesome.

Sale for you, birthday yum for me. Good stuff all around.

So, happy birthday, my dear fellow Marchians! And, hey, happy UN-birthday to the rest of you lot!

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