Help end the problem of great blogs with few readers!

Lately I’ve been looking for more great blogs to read, and I’ve found a surprising lack of correlation between the blogs whose content I love and the blogs that have tons of readership. In a just world, you’d think, the best content would get the most readership, right? (Accounting for taste, of course.)

Chuck Westbrook is doing his part to make the blogosphere a better place. (: He’s proposing what is basically a book club for blogs: a few interested readers get together and read a different blog together for a couple of weeks each. I’m happy that he proposed a connection paradigm solution to the problem, getting people together in a community and talking to each other, instead of a technical Web-2.0 “vote and tag” type of solution. It sounds like fun to me — I’m in!

Also, thanks to Jen Louden for letting me know about it!

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