Here There Be Awesome

“Awesome” is usually associated with all things kickass and 100% bodacious. Even the thesaurus can’t help itself, throwing down the fabulous with:

  • awe-inspiring
  • beautiful
  • breathtaking
  • magnificent
  • mind-blowing
  • wondrous

But sometimes something so amazing and ‘mind-blowing’ can be daunting…even terrifying. (Climbing Mt. Everest is pretty spectacular but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also formidable and massively intimidating.)

Sometimes it isn’t even the awesome itself that we find overwhelming, being haunted by the fear that we cannot possibly sustain something so incredible.

Sometimes we wonder if we will even create something special or extraordinary. What will our life mean if we leave no legacy? We fear having squandered our potential, of wasting every opportunity.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be so defined by our accomplishments that we aren’t able to see past them and eventually find ourselves living in that past. The moment passes even as we try to capture it.

But the question is: why?

Why are our accomplishments, achievements, and talents the source of our awesome? At the end of the day, at the end of our days, will it matter that we set a world record? Became a published author or multi-millionaire? Won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Our successes are most extraordinary when they are successes of our spirit, of our PURPOSE. When, being aligned with our deepest gifts, we are able to impact the world with the full force of our being.

That is the truth of your awesome.

Hayden Tompkins is all about rocking the universe and embracing the awesome! (Especially if said awesome is edible and traditionally served after dinner.) She writes a personal development blog at Through The Illusion.

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