Here’s the recording of the Profitable Idealism teleclass!

Johnny and I had a great time on the Profitable Idealism teleseminar today! If you missed it, no worries… we made you a recording!

You can check that recording out below. It’s fantastic fun, and it answers burning questions like:

  • Who wants to listen to an idealistic kid with an attitude?
        (HINT: Everyone who reads Johnny’s blog.)
  • If your primary goal is to make money, why should you bother with idealism?
        (HINT: Because if you do it right and do it sincerely, it’ll help you make MORE money.)
  • If you want primarily to make a positive change in the world, how can you make money doing it in a way that’s ethical, non-sleazy, and helps as many people as possible?
        (HINT: Adding a profit focus will actually INCREASE your ability to do good.)
  • I want to motivate people to be the best version of them they can be…so any advice on how to monetize that when personal development is so saturated?
        (HINT: Niche. But not what you might normally think of as “niche”.)
  • Do you sometimes feel bad about not serving people who can’t afford your rates?
        (HINT: Not anymore, but I used to.)
  • Pace, have you reached a point where you feel idealistic while making money, or do you still struggle to believe it’s okay? Can I learn to believe, and move forward, or is this a lifelong struggle?
        (HINT: It stops being a struggle once you experience how amazingly it can work.)
  • Do I need to have a business or solid business idea in order to benefit from the course?
        (HINT: No, but you do need EITHER a business idea OR an idealistic idea.)
  • Originality vs. Conformity
        (HINT: Pace actually defends conformity! News at 11!)

and the ever-important:

  • Is it hard to clean up whale schwag? How big a shovel does it take?
        (HINT: You don’t want to know how we know the answer to this one.)

Anyway, you can download the recording here.

Also, I want to remind you that pre-registration for Profitable Idealism will be closing soon.

If you’ve already decided to join us: That’s great! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.

If you’ve already decided not to: Cool! I totally trust your judgment on whether it’s a good fit for you. And we’ll be back to our regular blogging schedule as soon as Profitable Idealism pre-registration ends.

If you’re on the fence: What would help you decide whether it’s right for you? If you need a litle more time to think it over, may I suggest setting aside some time to think about it this weekend — however long feels right to you?

Have a great weekend, and we’ll talk to you again on Monday!

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